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1961 CJ-3B Custer, SD eBay


Auction starts at $.99, but there is a reserve.

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“Up for auction is this 1961 Willys CJ3B Jeep.

This Jeep came from an elderly gentleman up in Montana and it was a hunting Jeep that was used by him on his ranch in Montana. This jeep was used for hunting Deer and coyotes on a regular basis.

Jeep Was sitting when we found it and it was stored inside of a tractor shed. We loaded this jeep up in the middle of a blizzard after driving 2 hours down a gravel road and then made the long trek home with her. We flushed out the fuel system, added new fuel lines, Coolant, and a fresh battery. We also did some adjustments to the timing and the points as well as the electrical under the dash to get it working. The jeep starts really great and the throttle and choke work as intended.

The jeep does have some rust on the body especially on the rocker area. It has also had some welding repairs made by the old rancher in a few spots on the body and the rear body.

This is a really fun Jeep to ride around in and always gets a wave when you are driving by in it. We have taken it around town a few times but the brakes will need to be serviced. I think it is probably just the master cylinder or something else simple that needs to be worked on. Currently there are no brakes.

The motor does blow a slight amount of smoke but not all of the time and seems to go away when idling.

I Think it needs to just get driven and enjoyed and get a few tanks of gas flowing through the motor. The motor does sound good and run good and idles nicely.

This would make a really great father / son or restoration project for someone wanting an old CJ3B. “


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