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Hickey Style Dually Adapters on eBay


These adapters look to be the type made by Vic Hickey. If so, the HICKEY name ought to be visible on them.

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“Willys DUAL Wheel Adapters MB GPW CJ2A agriculture jeep ww2 radio jeep.

These are old stock which has been refinished ,cleaned and painted. They are like New never used . There are no marking on adapters.

Set comes with 2 adapters, 5 left hand thread studs and 5 right hand studs.”



10 Comments on “Hickey Style Dually Adapters on eBay

  1. Dave

    I agree that the Hickey parts were aluminum. I’d love to find a set of adapters but that kind of price is out of my range, though I’ve heard others asking similar prices for them.

  2. Mitch

    Someone was casting new ones at one point not that long ago. Don’t recall where I saw the thread, but can’t help but wonder if these are backyard cast re-pops that someone is portraying as used original parts?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mitch, I didn’t know about the re-pops (or forgot about them). That would explain why these continue to be on eBay over the years.

  4. Quentin Wyne

    These are repops. I actually called this guy when they first came out. The same image is bei g used, with the same granite countertop underneath. I recall deciding against it because the casting history was dubious, and they were too expensive. Now the story has changed to them being old stock. Caveat emptor!

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