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Year? DJ-3A? Sewell, NJ $2750


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/14/2020) With 3-on-the-tree and 2WD it sounds like a DJ-3A. The solid back suggests it may have been a convertible model; yet the body has cutout in the rear wells consistent with having been mounted on an MB/GPW. Has the correct hand brake, but incorrect gauges. Has the correct front end, but incorrect rear end. Has the correct 2/3 1/3 seats for a convertible model. Has the incorrect windshield.

“I have a 1949 Willies Jeep. It’s a army Jeep. I am looking for someone that will appreciate what it represents. AMERICA. Lol. I did have a title but am unable to locate at this time. I have extra parts and the original rear. It is a 3 on the tree,2wd, single barrel straight 4. It does run and I have driven around my yard. I am looking for a person that knows what a special find this is. Trust me I don’t want to post this for sale,but I want someone who can restore it back to glory.”

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4 Comments on “Year? DJ-3A? Sewell, NJ $2750

  1. SteveK

    E-brake in wrong location, and two different spares needed with both 4 and 5 lug pattern axles. Missing title? For which model? “LOL” Not kool about “American Icon” comment. Now they want someone to “respect it”?

  2. Mike

    This is what you run into when you live in NJ, large metropolitan area with heavy exhaust fumes have an effect on clarity of thought. I should know, I lived there. (I see all you guys chuckling behind my back)

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