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FC-150 Postcards

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Here are multiple FC-150 postcards advertising FC-150s.

1. This postcard is Form No. W-FC-10 and is currently on eBay. It opens vertically: 



2. This postcard is Form No. W-FC-11 and opens vertically. It is currently on eBay:

form-no-w-fc-11-postcard-mailer-fc1501 form-no-w-fc-11-postcard-mailer-fc150-2

I’ve been watching for one of these FC-150 fold-out postcards for a while. I found this one the other day included with some others on ebay. This postcard is Form No. W-FC-12 and it opens horizontally. There is another one on eBay:

1957-fc150-postcard-form-no-w-fc-12-1-lores 1957-fc150-postcard-form-no-w-fc-12-2-lores

 This narrow track FC-150 postcard lacks a Form No. It does not fold out. It is currently on eBay:

1957-fc150-postcard-1 1957-fc150-postcard-2

This postcard exterior can be found on Old Cars Advertising, but they only have this half. It appears to be a post narrow-track FC-150, so I expect this card is later than the ones above:



6 Comments on “FC-150 Postcards

  1. Mike

    I’ve seen many two tone paint FC 150’s in advertising brochures, but not even one factory two tone in real life. Was this an option? P/S to clarify, as painted in the above postcards, I have seen two tones.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I too have not seen the color schemes presented in the above cards on real FCs.

    Any FC guys know?

    – Dave

  3. rdjeep

    As my computer was loading the ewillys page, I was thinking about tomorrow… over-eating on turkey, followed by a nap where I would dream of the FC I shall never acquire. And then the page opens with the postcard sets…. *heavy sigh*

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Rdjeep: So much for your Happy Thanksgiving? lol … I hope you nap well just the same 🙂

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