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CJ-2 Fire Jeep Photos

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This nice little nugget of Willys history has been posted since 2011, but somehow I missed it. The Kaiser Willys blog has three photos of a CJ-2 (not CJ-2A) Fire Jeep that includes the “JEEP” plate across the front of the windshield.



2 Comments on “CJ-2 Fire Jeep Photos

  1. Keith

    Dave, that CJ2 Fire Jeep was given tot he Berkey Ohio Fire department.
    It was used in promotional films for Willys.
    Unfortunately they broken the frame repeatedly bouncing in and out of a creek during filming.
    They returned the Willys to Toledo for repair, and instead of getting the CJ2 back, Willys gave them a brand spanking new CJ-2A. Daron Wanberg scanned the films, and I have many pictures of the CJ2A they were given in trade.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Keith, thanks for the updated info. Too bad about the frame (and jeep), but at least they got some good footage, lol. Good to hear that Daron was able to scan and preserve the films.

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