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Never used Allstate Deluxe Hardtop Truckee, CA $2000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2000.

(06/09/2020) Can’t be many unused examples of these left!

“Complete with all parts hardware windows keys and original manual. White/ no rust and never used. All aluminum – purchased from Sears Roebuck. Fits CJ-2A and Military Jeep.”


allstate-deluxe-hardtop-truckee-ca0 allstate-deluxe-hardtop-truckee-ca1 allstate-deluxe-hardtop-truckee-ca2 allstate-deluxe-hardtop-truckee-ca4


7 Comments on “Never used Allstate Deluxe Hardtop Truckee, CA $2000

  1. Marty Tilford

    I saw one of these a few years ago at the Puyallup swap meet for sale. New in the box! Pretty rare!

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