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1943 MB Claremont, NH No Price

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Looks good, but does have some issues as Craig notes. It does not have the original body.

“Listing my fully restored 1943 Willys MB. Purchased back in 2014 and performed a 100% restoration. Original running gear, but does have a new body on it. I’ve only driven 1100 since the restoration. Everything is 100% correct for the vehicle, I can give the interested party a complete run down on what has been done and an idea of the money invested into it. I do not need to sell it, but for the right price I will let it go to a new home. It’s currently in storage for the winter in a heated garage but is fully accessible should someone want to come purchase it. Please message me with your contact information and I will call and or text a reply. I will not be accepting off the cuff offers, and I’m not currently looking for any trades. In response to recent messages, this not a $10000 vehicle, I have over $27k invested and that is what I’m looking to get for it.”

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9 Comments on “1943 MB Claremont, NH No Price

  1. Craig in ME

    For his $27k put into as he claims, at least put it together correctly! Quick glance shows the pedals are backwards and there are no bolts or screws holding the tranny/transfer rings in place…sheesh!

  2. Race

    Should somebody inform the seller that it is nearly impossible to recover restoration costs? I can’t really recall anything with a repro tub bringing more than high teens. At least not from a buyer that knows MB’s.

  3. Joey G

    Not trying to be disrespectful, but note that the advertisement claims: “Everything is 100% correct for the vehicle”.
    I would respectfully disagree with the seller’s claim. The devil is in the details, and the details are not correct.
    $27,000 for a replica tub?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Joey, I think that’s a very fair comment. Anytime I see a reference to “100% original” it is a sign to look more closely…

  5. Toby

    Have to love the keyboard warriors that pick apart everything. I guess that’s easy to do from moms basement. He obviously put a ton of time and money into it. Also stated he really didn’t need to sell it. We have all listed things that we would sell for the right price

  6. David Eilers Post author


    I believe we would all agree with you that he put time and money into this jeep. No one’s arguing with that. However, it’s also fair to consider the accuracy of the seller’s statement, which we believe was misleading for the reasons described.

    Our goal isn’t to “pick apart everything”, but rather to educate folks who don’t know much about jeeps in the hopes they can make more informed decisions when they buy their next jeep. We certainly aren’t always perfect in our efforts, but I know from the responses that I’ve received that readers that they generally appreciate these discussions from an educational point of view.

    – Dave

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