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1953 CJ-3B Hood River, OR $8495


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8495

(12/25/2018) The windshield is leaning back a bit far.


“One day in 2013, I was talking with a buddy and he asked if I was interested in a Willys Jeep and since I was thinking about a “project” car, I said yes. Well, I got this little gem on a farm in the Hood River Valley! I call it Taz Willy and he has won several trophies at car shows! But, as happens with time, I have purchased a travel trailer and will be doing more traveling so I decided to give someone else the opportunity to have fun with Taz.

Even though he was used in the orchard as a spraying machine, and stored for quite a while, he was in good shape and all the dried mud on his underside protected him from rusting! I stripped him down to his frame and painted it with frame paint to continue his protection.

The engine has been rebuilt by Portland Engine Rebuild using the original f-head engine block. It is the 4 cylinder stock engine. Engine has 925 miles – all road miles.

The transmission is the original– 3-speed with compound low. This required only replacement of fluid. I works good.

Radiator was rebuilt by Able Radiator Repair in Milwaukie

Heavy duty rear end installed during years on the farm.

New clutch, new water pump, new fuel pump, carburetor rebuilt, heater rebuilt, all wiring replaced, starter rebuilt, new brakes and wheel cylinders, seats reupholstered, gauges replaced but have originals, body clear coated with semi-gloss over original paint and shows all the patina that comes with age.

Both bumpers upgraded to 6in channel iron with winch inserts, automatic winch can be used in either bumper, farm jack mounted on front bumper, oversize roll-bar with custom padding and led lights on top, 2 fire extinguishers, custom bikini top from Woody’s 4×4, wireless speakers with blue tooth, cb radio 40 channel, led lights under back bumper for back up lights, Piaa lights mounted to front bumper, 5 new tires, warren front locking hubs, 2 original jerry cans with flex spout.”


7 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Hood River, OR $8495

  1. Lew

    At the high speeds these routinely achieve, its surprising more of these haven’t had similar windshield frame failures 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. bob in pa

    Good morning.
    If you take a close look you can see the damage. Maybe someone was cruzing down the road and the windshield strap broke? If that’s the case must have given someone a bit of ascare.

  3. Mike

    I hate these long, wordy promotional write -ups to justify the high price, use all the words you want, but words do not equal the ridiculous asking price.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Gayland, it could well have self-streamlined one day while driving up the Columbia Gorge. The winds there get pretty strong! (hence, why it is an internationally renowned wind-surfing location).

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