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1942 GPW Napa County, CA $3500


This is a non-runner.

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“Up for sale is late 1942 Ford GPW WWII Jeep. This is fresh from the cow pastures of Texas!
THIS IS A NON RUNNING PARTS VEHICLE! Lets go with the “Good, Bad, and the Ugly”.
The good is that it is late 1942 ford with a lot of ford marked parts. It has an GPW radiator, early Sheller steering wheel, nice earlier style hood, ford axles, 1 combat wheel, clean rear panel, nice CJ2a style windscreen, a period correct hand crank winch on the bumper, 2 of the brass data plates on the glove box, motor is Willys MB that was a depot rebuild at the Red River Arsenal 3-3-58, WWII carter carb, OG oil bath air cleaner, and many F marked bolts.

The bad is the motor will need to be rebuilt, missing front hubs, T90 tranny (could be good), and the frame has some rot.

The ugly is the hat channels in the tub are rotten, the front fenders are cut on, the foot well bulk heads are rotten, and the tool boxes have holes. This is a good jeep as a donor to a project that you are collecting for. It can be meant to put on the road again, it just will take a lot of work. That is for you to decide! Just trying to save these veterans from the scrapper. If you are within 100 miles, I will deliver for a fee. This vehicle is sold with a bill of sale.”


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