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Ex-Shriner’s Parade Mini-Jeep **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on Ebay.

This Shriner’s jeep has a Willys MA look to it, though the seller presents no evidence that this was a Shriner’s jeep, it’s the right size for one.

“Up for sale Shriner parade kart, go kart. This is a extremely rare Shriner kart. The only other one that I know of is in a museum in South Dakota. I be leave this Willys Jeep is from the early 1950s. The Jeep is mostly original with the exception of newer tires, rims, upholstery, paint, carpet, and engine. The engine has never had gas or oil in it. Everything appears to be in working order.”







2 Comments on “Ex-Shriner’s Parade Mini-Jeep **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Helmut,

    It looks like this Shriner jeep sold on eBay. I’ve updated the post.

    As for the size, I can’t tell whether it would hold two people or not. It seems like it could though.

    – Dave

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