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Shriner Jeep Patrols

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Here are a couple 1960s photos of the Shriner Mini Jeep Patrols. These jeep patrols and shiners in all kinds of mini-vehicles still ply the parade routes (This Facebook group includes modern photos and videos of them).

This first photo is from May 12, 1963, and published in the Marshall News Messenger (Marshall, Texas):


This second photo was published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph (Tyler, Texas) on December 07, 1963:


And here’s a 2007 video of them in action:


2 Comments on “Shriner Jeep Patrols

  1. Mike

    Any idea who manufactured these Go kart mini Jeeps? After reading the listed stories and a quick Google search, didn’t find anything. Near my old home base in NJ, there was a Guy on Michigan Ave Paterson that had a P/T go Kart (with a C or a K, I don’t know) business, would visit with my dad back in the 60’s, never did I see a Jeep kart.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I was wondering that as well. I imagine it was a Go Kart manufacturer, but I couldn’t find any information either.

    – Dave

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