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1949 Ad for the Universal Jeep

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What I found curious about this advertisement is that it sounds more like one from 1945 or 1946, rather than 1949. Published January 23, 1949, the ad by Fort Worth Willys-Overland seems to be trying to introduce readers to this ‘new concept’ of an automobile. However, it does so without invoking the four-in-one-vehicle concept used in the early years. Had Fort Worth Star-Telegram readers never seen or heard of a civilian jeep?



2 Comments on “1949 Ad for the Universal Jeep

  1. Mike

    A very different approach to advertising, more of a intellectual content than hard sell. Just my opinion, I think the framework of the ad had a lot to do with the owner of the dealership, possibly trying a NEW technique to tap a market and gain attention. Somewhat sophisticated, this may have been aimed at the BIG MONEY Ranchers of that era. I admire it, very well written.


    i have all 6 , though the station sedan was torched – it was a donor vehicle – it gives life to other willys

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