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David Tracy’s Seattle Trek for an FC-170

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UPDATE: We have a video update to David Tracy’s FC-170 adventure



Originally published April 1, 2021: (no, this is not an April fools) … This Sunday, David Tracy of Jalopnik plans to buy a vehicle in Chicago, drive to Seattle, pick up an FC-170 he’s bought, get it running, then attempt to drive it home. I’m sure nothing will go wrong with this plan. You can read all about it here:

Here’s an interior look at the FC:



3 Comments on “David Tracy’s Seattle Trek for an FC-170

  1. john fogarty

    hahaha , april fools !! — this sounds like something i would have done 50 years ago ( and i did similar stupid stunts ) — to drive a wreck like this that far you would have to look at and repair all systems , fuel , mechanical , brakes , cooling , electrical , exhaust , tires , lights , etc — even a FC in tip top shape would have a hard time driving that far , how about an overdrive ? — i wont make a road trip in any vehicle without pulling wheels off , checking and cleaning brakes , oil change , fill fluids , tire pressure , detail and wax vehicle , adjustments , safety check , do it all .. its better than doing it on the side of the road in LODI ??

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Having driven I-90 from Seattle to Billings multiple times, there are at least six significant passes to cross and that’s just on the Interstate (things are somewhat easier after Billings, assuming no bad weather). Taking backroads will likely require additional climbs and probably 3 to 4 times as long, not includes breaks to fix issues.

    Apart from the engine, if he can get it running, I would think all the brakes would need to be rebuilt.

    – Dave

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