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1970 Kaiser M35A Deuce & a Half on eBay

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Bill shared this former volunteer Fire Department truck. It’s a slow time of year, so why not post it. I have no idea what these are worth.

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“This Kaiser was in use by a Volunteer Fire Dept. Had brake problems and removed the master cylinder. Never completed repair. The master cylinder is included. This truck has little rust and interior is almost rust free. Cab in good shape. Solid flat bad. Batteries have been removed. You are welcome to put batteries in it and come start it prior to bidding.”






2 Comments on “1970 Kaiser M35A Deuce & a Half on eBay

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, their value is all over the planet. We had a nice one with a winch at a law enforcement agency I worked at. Released after Desert Storm. even had the chevrons on the doors. Friend of mine bought it at auction for $1950 and drove it home. When the Sheriff asked me why it didn’t bring more, I reminded him that most don’t know how to start it and if they do, they won’t be able to feed it. The market got flooded with these after the base closure act. The wreckers and dumps would get 15K + or -but the straight M35s were pretty much dinosaurs. On a funny note, a local marina had a wrecker one and the 24V fuel pump went out with a boat stuck in the air. Since I was a Jeep parts business, they called me! And I had one! LOL

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