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1968 Jeepster Convertible Liberty Hill, TX $15,000

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Nice looking Jeepster Convertible.

“i have for sale a great condition 1968 jeepster for sale. it was made kaiser willys jeep in Toledo Ohio. it a v6 3 speed manual transmission 4 wheel drive with manual hubs. this model is alittle more rare as it has 3 factory gas tanks. it has the continental bumper. clean yellow paint with good paint. All good glass. runs and drives great with classic plates. Time to change things up so trades maybe considered for other classic cars but would prefer cash. tires are great and has roughly 63000 miles. everything works as it should. im asking 15000 o.b.o. i have a clean and clear title. It will come with a service manual and several extra parts and goodies.”

1968-jeepster-convertible-austin-tx1 1968-jeepster-convertible-austin-tx2 1968-jeepster-convertible-austin-tx3 1968-jeepster-convertible-austin-tx4


8 Comments on “1968 Jeepster Convertible Liberty Hill, TX $15,000

  1. Mike

    What is all that “PIPING” along the exhaust manifold in the 8th picture? I have never seen that on a V/6.

  2. David Hughes

    3 factory fuel tanks? Where did they put them, and how many gallons were in the 2 extra tanks. I can not tell you how I miss my 72 Commando. Pound for pound one of the toughest if not ugliest vehicles I have driven.

  3. rdjeep


    That plumbing was the A.I.R. system, for Air Injection Reaction. A belt driven vane pump pushed low pressure air through hoses and check valves to each exhaust port. The extra air injected would help provide some additional burn completion. It was also called a “smog pump”. There was also a dump valve to vent the air during deceleration when the exhaust stream is rich, and would ‘pop’ in the exhaust system, if not working. Not many survive at this age. This Jeep may have been sold in California originally. My east coast ’69 has the ports in the head, but are plugged with a special plug.

  4. Mike

    Thanks for the explanation, I couldn’t figure it out. The California angle makes sense, my east coast 66 & 67 V/6’s, were much like your 69.

  5. rdjeep

    Our family had a ’73 Chevy that had the “smog pump”, so emissions standards evolved eventually on the east coast, too. This included a notable decrease in compression ratio and other detuning. This lead to a 400 cu. in. small block only delivering a measly 150 HP. (as compared to 160 HP of the pre-smog 225 cu. in. V6)

  6. Will R.

    I had a hard top model several years ago and it had a factory Turbo 400 automatic with the Dauntless V6, Sure looks like the factory automatic shifter to me, not a manual 3 spd trans?? It had 5 shocks in it, two on each axle and one off the back of the passenger head to a shock that went down to the frame, It was to buffer the odd fire V6 at idle.


    the paint should be white above the chrome strip – i’m in kaliphornia , engines with smog pumps were as common as SMOG , they did no good ..

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