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1946 VEC CJ-2A Palo Alto, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

Nearly stock VEC #12683.

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“I’ve owned CJ-2A serial #12683 for a couple of years, and I enjoyed it. The serial number indicates this Jeep was built in the first few weeks after the end of World War 2, making it a “VEC” (very early civilian) Jeep. I think it would be better off with someone with the time to restore it.

Overall the Jeep is in good condition considering its age: it runs and drives fine, though the brakes pull to the left; I’ve checked the adjustment of the brakes, and it seems fine, so I’d recommend disassembling the front brakes completely to see what’s going on before driving it.

***You’ll need to tow it home unless you’re my neighbor. Tow bar is included.***

During my ownership, I fixed a few things:

* Rebuilt the emergency brake, with a new drum, shoes, companion flange, handle, cable, and return spring. and painted all the parts I touched. I can easily lock up the rear wheels with the emergency brake now.
* Replaced the front shaft yoke, overdrive gasket, and shifter seals, to stop the leaks there.
* Replaced the rear-seat brackets (the spring gripper things).
* Replaced the steering wheel, horn and horn switch. I couldn’t find a correct VEC wheel, I just used the one KW sells. The horn button is not the VEC-correct small button, it’s the CJ3 unit with the large rubber button.
* Replaced the taillights — these are cut into the body, unfortunately.
* Replaced the fuel hoses; currently the tank feed uses the drain rather than the correct pickup, because there’s something wrong with the pickup. a pinhole?
* Removed all the non-original wiring I could find, turn signals, etc.
* Fixed the hand throttle, super convenient for warming up.

Particulars I haven’t changed:

* The tub looks original, there’s still original Harvest Tan paint on the bottom, tool indents, etc. The silver paint is a poor rattle-can job, and there’s surface rust in lots of places. There are rust holes in the hat channels and inside the tool box.
* The seat is a home-made bench.
* The column shift works, but it’s not original, it has a big lever welded to the shifter tube.
* The wheels are aftermarket 15×8, with big tires that the seller said were new in 2018. They look new.
* The windshield seems home-made, and doesn’t completely fold down.
* I have a tow bar which bolts to the front bumper; I’ve towed it hundreds of miles with this setup. I also have a roll bar.
* The distributor is frozen to the block, as often happens; I haven’t tried very hard to free it, but i have a replacement distributor. The timing is currently a bit too advanced, but it works.
* The speedometer/odometer doesn’t work.
* There’s a dash button starter switch and solenoid rather than the correct foot switch (I have a new foot switch and wiring for it).

This jeep was listed for $10K in 2016 (didn’t sell at that price), $8K in 2017 (sold to previous owner), and $7K in 2018 (sold to me), but it was not running and had no e-brake. I’m asking $8K but will take offers. It’s located in Palo Alto, CA.”


6 Comments on “1946 VEC CJ-2A Palo Alto, CA **SOLD**

  1. Vintage Don

    What do you all think about the missing top bow storage brackets, the presence of a glove box, can’t see if the drain holes are there? Not necessarily finding fault, just asking…

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’d guess the brackets were removed and that this has had some body work done. But, I have seen a few CJ-2As that appeared to have unmolested, original bodies, but lacked the brackets. So, I’ve wondered for years if some CJ-2As left the factory without brackets. I have not yet found satisfactory sources answer to confirm or dispel that question.

    Regarding the glove box, that seems to have been added. I don’t think it would affect the value all that much.

    If you go to the ad and enlarge one of the pics, you can just make out a drain hole on the driver’s side.

    – Dave

  3. joel

    Hey, seller here, yeah, the glove box was added in a way that would be easy to fix. Not sure what happened to the brackets, I suspect they were ground off. The drain holes are still there. The most obvious issue with the body is rust holes in the hat channels and toolbox, though there’s a lot of bondo as well, which could be hiding other issues. I’d be happy to answer any other questions if anyone has any.

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