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My “New Civilian Jeep” California Moulder Plastic Agri-Jeep

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I spotted this plastic jeep on a buy-it-now eBay ad, but didn’t recognize it. It looked unusual due to the spare tire placement (CJ-2-like), so I made an offer and scored it. After some research, I learned it is pretty unique.

According to Fred Coldwell (you can see his collection of these below), “in 1945 California Moulders, Inc., Los Angeles 11, California, produced plastic models of the 1944 CJ-2 jeep named the “Agrijeep”.  These first 20 CJ-2 civilian jeeps can be identified by their spare tire mounted mid-body on the passenger side, as faithfully reproduced in the plastic models below. These CJ-2 models came in a variety of colors, and the red and white and blue and white model pairs shown below have opposite colored hood, bodies, tailgates and tires. I have yet to find the complimentary models to the blue and yellow and white and green plastic CJ-2 jeeps.  These very first plastic models of “The New” Civilian Jeeps are not easy to find, but over the decades I have collected the ones shown here. Enjoy!”

Mine is all one color (I have yet to find a comparable one on the internet), but lacks the windshield. It seems like it got too hot (see the front bumper), so it’s hardly a perfect specimen. There are no markings on it, other than “39” is printed on the box; I’m unclear what that signifies (no company name on the box either).

the-new-civilian-jeep-red-model5-lores the-new-civilian-jeep-red-model3-lores the-new-civilian-jeep-red-model4-lores



Other California Moulder models:

This first photo shows Fred’s collection (from this link):


This one was for sale on eBay back in 2012:

This person from the CJ-2A has this collection of them. The middle one seems prototype inspired:

This is a close up of another prototype that could be by the same maker (or some how related). Note the axles of the prototype are similar to mine:


prototype-california-moulder5 prototype-california-moulder4 prototype-california-moulder3Finally, we have this “Unbreakable Jeep” that looks a lot like a California Moulder jeep. I’m guessing this was a later model given it doesn’t have the tire on the side:



7 Comments on “My “New Civilian Jeep” California Moulder Plastic Agri-Jeep

  1. Daniel Cook

    I have a mint condition white jeep with red wheels, red hood & tailgate, with a clear windshield. The box is in mint condition also with No.- EP. 120 on each end.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    That’s great! If you ever want to send me pics (, I will add them to this post. It would be great to document a mint version of this jeep.

  3. Lenny Hummel

    Hi David, I read your article on the California Moulders Jeep with keen interest and I thank you for posting it. I recently purchased a 1948-1949 plastic toy (Hudson Motors convertible) with a metal hand held grip with cable control. It is also a Califiornia Moulders creation model #CM-190. Wondering if you have any additional information about the Company and this one of a kind model. I am also forwarding a photo or two for you to check it out. Thanks

  4. barry L johnson

    Regarding the above jeep, you are describing as possibly a prototype: The second jeep is not California Moulders but “Playtex” mfg. The Cali Moulders and Playtex are at the top of my cool toys!

    Best regards!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Barry. I will take a closer look at this. I don’t claim to be an expert on these!

    – Dave

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