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Year? CJ-2A Roswell, GA $2000


Not sure there’s much value here.

“This is a Jeep Willys from the 1940’s we think. It ran when we got it a couple years ago but we were going to fix it up better. We’ve changed our minds and would like to sell it and not fool with it anymore. It could be a nice one if someone took the time to do it. The basic parts are here – the body and windshield and seats, etc. There is rust and some rebuilding is needed.”

year-cj2a-atlanta-ga1 year-cj2a-atlanta-ga2


4 Comments on “Year? CJ-2A Roswell, GA $2000

  1. Mike

    Perfect example of the high cost of rust these days, looking at the body up against a tree, reminds me of vintage pictures of hunters with their prized deer carcass hanging from a tree. In reality, I guess this Jeep IS in fact a CARCASS. (play on words)

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