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Snow Plows

  1. Meyers Snow Plow Reading, PA $500:
  2. 7′ Snow Plow Plainfield, NJ $650:
  3. Meyers Snow Plow Mercer Center, NJ $250:
  4. Meyers Snow Plow Scranton, PA $250:
  5. Snow Plow Wellsboro, PA $300:

6 Comments on “Snow Plows

  1. Mike

    Lots of good snow plow deals here, my dilemma, hundreds of miles away from home base. In normal times, no problem, hop in the truck and go pick it up. Today a simple thing like this becomes a different story, with health crisis travel restrictions, how do you accomplish this goal? Shipping costs more than the plows.

  2. Mike

    Still, same situation, But I guess there’s still hope, still for sale, so I guess nobody else can get to them either. If I get lucky, this health crisis will be behind us by this time next year, and I will have MY PICK OF PLOWS.

  3. Terry

    What’s the problem ??? I’ve driven all over to several states (around NY ) to look at jeeps, and buy parts. I’ve had several people from other states come to my house to buy parts during this ” health crisis ” and I’ve sold a Willys . I see no reason not to travel .

  4. Mike

    I choose to abide by travel restrictions imposed by the current health crisis. I realize some choose to ignore the restrictions, and not quarantine, as for myself, I intend to play it safe and abide by the laws of the land. My grandparents died as a result of the 1918 epidemic, and my mother became a orphan at six months old. I have no intention of repeating history. I hope this gives you a better understanding of my situation.

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