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Barney Goodwin’s 1963 DJ-3A

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This 1971 photo shows Barney Goodwin in his 1963 DJ-3A. No doubt he was the coolest kid at his Houston, Texas, High School!



10 Comments on “Barney Goodwin’s 1963 DJ-3A

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Thanks Dave! It was a fun vehicle. And the start of 50 years of Jeep for me.
    Hey guys!: Find this for me. (Finder’s fee). No, I don’t have the VIN. But I’ll know a few features.
    Galvanized dogs on the frame rails are probably gone now (Don’t ask, But the statute of limitations is probably run out). Slight bend in right front bumper from a tree that didn’t move. And no, I didn’t bend the left fender when I hit the 69 Corvette.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Those were bells, and wish I had them still—-to ebay them. Bring some serious money. I haven’t been that size for many years!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    About the time I started wearing bell bottom jeans (circa 1980), I learned they were no longer cool. The story of my life, always at the rear of the trend curve 🙂

  4. Lynn Miller

    I am a friend of Alaska Pauls’ and have a DJ3A that has been converted to 4X4 at some point.
    This jeep was driven to Alaska sometime in the 60’s. The interesting thing is it has the rear bumperets
    just like the ones in Barnneys’ jeep and looks to be the same color.
    Could it be?

  5. Doug in Ohio

    Barney where did you live when you sold this jeep? I just shared one from craigslist with Dave.

  6. Barney Goodwin

    I lived in Houston, TX, Tanglewood neighborhood (area now called Uptown) about a long block from the Galleria Mall.
    The one Lynn mentioned is not the one as hers had a full side body at the step-out.
    We believe it to had been a delivery one (Pharmacy etc) before me. And it was only 8 years old when I got it. Paid $400 for it.
    This model was also used as a ramp Jeep for airlines including Trans Texas and Delta in the Texas market.
    There had been no markings on mine at all. Strictly stock. Sliding side doors. And the rear window door slid up into and latched into the top out of site like an old garage door. Front right bumper will show evidence of having been bent – because of a tree hitting me. And a small gash at the left corner of the front fender predating me. 3 speed on the floor. 3/4 bench driver seat and a single passenger seat.

  7. DouginOhio

    Barney, the one I saw is on Tippacanoe Indiana Craigslist. Not much left of it but I doubt it is the one you had.

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