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1962 Newspaper Ad For Hatari Movie

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This ad appeared in the October 30, 1962, issue of the Indiana Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania). Like other newspaper ads I found, no jeeps were placed within the movie ad itself. I know lots of other literature showed jeeps, such as movie posters. However, I was surprised to see no jeeps in any newspaper ads. Apparently, Ruffners, a jeep dealer in Indiana, Pennsylvania, didn’t like this either, so the company placed their ad within a Hatari Ad.



One comment on “1962 Newspaper Ad For Hatari Movie

  1. Mark J

    That’s a great old ad. When that move premièred in Boston, My father Who worked in Boston, Saw the red carpet circus etc. One of the things that impressed him was John Wayne walking the red carpet with a leopard on a leash ! Can you imagine an actor doing something like that today ! Wow.

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