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1943 GPW Kona, HI $5000


Looks like a good project.

Rebuilt motor installed keen set or hili coil needed front Sparkplugs stripped, surface rust two holes at the driver and passenger foot have a second motor broken on the pallet next to it”

1943-gpw-kona-hi0 1943-gpw-kona-hi1 1943-gpw-kona-hi2 1943-gpw-kona-hi3 1943-gpw-kona-hi4


3 Comments on “1943 GPW Kona, HI $5000

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Rear floor and rear inner wheel wells look CJ to me…Bubba shock covers…Repro or back half of tub replaced ???

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Craig, yep, I missed the CJ wheel wells. This is a curious body for sure. I wish there was a better full-body photo.

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