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4 Tons of Vintage Jeep Parts Fort Mojave, AZ $35,000


UPDATE: Still Available. Been available since 2014. If nothing else, the seller is persistent.

“Jeep parts 1940-1965. MODEL 18 and GPW Transfer cases. Transmissions T-98, T-90, T-84, T-86. 24 Volt Generator and starters. 3 Transmissions for a Military 2 1/2 Ton Truck Model CCW. New Hoods for M-38 A1 plus used front grills. Spring and drive lines. Radiators for M38-A1. Early model jeep, 5 hole, chrome, 15″ X 10″ wheel. Have 4 ton of Jeep Parts. Bring money. $44,000 takes all 4 ton. In the asking fee a 48 foot van semi trailer is included! Pics DO NOT show everything I have. NOTE: THESE ARE ALL ORIGINAL PARTS….NOT FROM CHINA, ETC.This is what you call a BARN FIND! Be the ENVY of all your friends who missed out on this deal!!!”

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19 Comments on “4 Tons of Vintage Jeep Parts Fort Mojave, AZ $35,000

  1. Mike

    Nice stock pile of original parts, but it’s going to be difficult to sell this stuff. Some years ago, I was helping a local now defunct Willys Jeep Dealer (Dick Rowitt) sell some of his old stock, easier said then done. Contrary to popular opinion, not much of a market. I think the above listing is a guy I contacted at that time. (2004-05) He also had a Fleetvan for sale at a ridiculous high price.

  2. Doug In Ohio

    I agree Mike,a lot harder to sell nos parts than you would think.The ww2 Jeep parts seem to be the hot item today.:)

  3. David Eilers

    I agree as well. By the time you move them, inventory them, then try to sell them on a piece by piece basis, you’ll be investing a great deal of time and money. At least the stuff appears organized.

  4. David Eilers


    I expect the ad will reappear on Craigslist. When it does, I’ll drop you an email.


  5. Minnesota Chris

    Coming from someone who buys parts like this, at that price it’ll be tough to move to one buyer. A guy need to see this all in person and see what else he has around.

  6. Mike

    Ok, just in context to my original post, 3/11/16, Back in that time frame, I was helping Rowett’s daughter Pat, sell some of her deceased dad’s parts with a price list she made. Of course this guy contacted me and said, the prices were too high, OK, he may have been correct. Morel to this story, Practice what you preach…

  7. Mike

    Well guys, looks like the passage of time has proven us CORRECT. “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are” this is NOT DISNEYLAND. In my opinion, (and what is my opinion worth, not much these days) but it puts us in an excellent position to “Make him an offer he can’t refuse” Time is on our side. I love my New Jersey ROOTS, gives me the ability to think clearly.

  8. Bob in nc

    Not sure how much difference there is in selling.a Willy’s and a pile of parts. 35 grand? Nice try. You can ask anything you want. But it’s only worth what it’s worth. And Chris is right, you’de have to go see what’s there. I’m just taking a shot in the dark but with cost of moving everything, maybe 5 grand.

  9. Mike

    Note the date on my post of over 3 years ago, I said it was going to be a HARD SELL. Contrary to sometimes popular opinion, I DO KNOW what I’m talking about. Lets see if this seller wises up.
    Where is the market? I don’t see it.

  10. Terry

    I see nothing of value , Hoods and grills ,( only thing on a jeep that does not rot ) a bunch of rusty axels ,springs and transfer cases . Looks like 4 tons of scrap .

  11. Mike

    Looks like this guy still doesn’t get it, he keeps telling himself, I’m sitting on a gold mine. And here we are, facing another recession, and still living the dream… My favorite Talking Heads verses, You may find yourself with a beautiful wife, a beautiful house, a loaded trailer of Willys Jeep parts, and ask yourself this question; Where am I, what have I done? And my favorite saying, What is reality and what is illusion?

  12. David Eilers

    I don’t understand this either, but on my next trip down to AZ I should see if I can take a look at this to see what value is really here.

    – Dave

  13. John North Willys


  14. Alan Lesmerises

    To the original poster — how can I contact you? I can’t buy all that stuff (I have no place to put it) but there are some parts I would be interested in buying.

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