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L-134 & F-134 Engines and Parts Aspen, CO

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Parts

This seller has some L-head and F-head stuff.

“I have a built L 134 and some builders – one used engine that may run OK, etc. I also have an F builder and miscellaneous other parts. If ad is up parts are still available!”

l134-f134-engines-and-parts-aspen-co2 l134-f134-engines-and-parts-aspen-co


2 Comments on “L-134 & F-134 Engines and Parts Aspen, CO

  1. Stephen Bowman

    What do you want for the engines? I am needing a short block 4-134-L. The one i have is shot. Do you have a very good short block that is still standard bore and if so what would you wan for it? i will be in Denver next week for meetings.

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