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1962 Truck Wycoff, NJ $13,000

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Bill spotted this truck. It’s not clear if it was a service station truck, but a vintage “ROAD SERVICE” label has been painted on the hood. It’s listed as a 1962, but lacks the “hockey stick” trim.


“I’m thinking of letting go of a vehicle dear to my heart. I’ve owned this girl for about ten years and have brought it back to very presentable condition. Three speed manual, no power steering or power brakes. All glass clean. Crank windows work and the heater is remarkably effective. New tires, wheels, brakes, muffler, fuel pump, carburetor and fuel tank. Cab corners were becoming thin so I had them replaced using metal. No bon-do anywhere. She is equipped with four wheel drive which I had repaired. She runs like a sewing machine.
Plow available but I have never had it on. I doubt if the hydraulic pump works although it’s all there.
Truck is domiciled in Pennsylvania presently. It would make the trip back to this area although I would take back roads to hold the speed down. She will do 50. This vehicle is for rides around town, short trips and shows. Thumbs up and flashing headlights from admirers, you will get used to. Odometer reads 19xxxmiles. Cab has fresh flat black paint on it. I left ROAD SERVICE on the hood because I wanted the vehicle to look like a farm or garage truck. Interior is not restored although it is completely serviceable.”



3 Comments on “1962 Truck Wycoff, NJ $13,000

  1. Mike

    I’m a NJ boy at heart, and I know living in NJ is expensive, but 13 grand seems like a bit much for this truck.


    Mike you are correct — this is not an original STAKEBODY so the value would be in the 300 to 400 dollar range — GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS IN AFGHANISTAN — that reminds me , i took the hippie tour to afghanistan back in the 60’s , import , export , the tokhi brothers , sampled the elephant ears , drove willys up to kandahar for the NIGHT LIFE .. old times , good times ..

  3. chris nj

    thats the close truck to me its in nj but price to high for what there I THINK when I find my truck it will be from a dry state out west not in the rust belt

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