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Marx Lumar Fire Jeep Massapequa, NY $50


Roger Martin spotted this Marx Lumar fire jeep. It’s a little rough, but still a hard version to find.

“Antique Lumar metal hero truck, clean and solid condition,12 inch long ,from 1940s-50s”

marx-lumar-fire-jeep-massapequa-ny1 marx-lumar-fire-jeep-massapequa-ny2 marx-lumar-fire-jeep-massapequa-ny3 marx-lumar-fire-jeep-massapequa-ny4


One comment on “Marx Lumar Fire Jeep Massapequa, NY $50


    i have one of these but it does not have the fire dept stuff on it — my old girlfriend sharon gave it to me right before we broke up in 1973

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