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1958 Ad and Merchandise Bulletin For the ‘Jeep’ CJ-5 Hardtop

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Mike shared this bulletin from March 11, 1958, that notified dealers a brochure was available for the Koenig-made ‘Jeep’ hardtop. For some reason, the company did not produce a brochure for the top; it took dealers requesting a brochure for them to make one.

1958-03-11-ad-bulletin-jeep-hardtop-brochure1-lores 1958-03-11-ad-bulletin-jeep-hardtop-brochure2-lores 1958-03-11-ad-bulletin-jeep-hardtop-brochure3-lores


2 Comments on “1958 Ad and Merchandise Bulletin For the ‘Jeep’ CJ-5 Hardtop

  1. 6'S RULE - 5'S DROOL

    hello , this explains why these tops have the odd shaped sides — you could get a sliding door ( from the factory ) or conventional doors — the rear door on these tops slides up into the roof like a garage door — very cool — and since i have a KELLY top on my cj-6 , i can appreciate the light weight fiberglass roof on this model , my top is 300 + pounds ? — i have never seen this style top for a cj-6 — probably because of the low cj-6 production ?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I believe the reason these were never made for the CJ-6s (besides the low production) is because the basic shape was used to interchange between the CJ-5 and the DJ-3As (though the DJ-3As did not have side windows).

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