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What I Saw At Willys Overland

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UPDATE: Apparently, I never published all the pages in this circa 1947-1949 booklet. Also, there’s another one of these booklets on eBay right now: View all the information on eBay

This was originally posted October 23, 2014: Eddie Devlin of the Willys Overland Engineering Art Department sketched a variety of drawings of the factory. Some were published in a book called “WHAT I SAW AT WILLYS OVERLAND”. I’m not sure if the booklet was sold or used as a promotional device.

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1950s-what-i-saw-at-willys-overland-5-lores 1950s-what-i-saw-at-willys-overland-6-lores 1950s-what-i-saw-at-willys-overland-7-lores 1950s-what-i-saw-at-willys-overland-8-lores 1950s-what-i-saw-at-willys-overland-9-lores



9 Comments on “What I Saw At Willys Overland

  1. Roberto Flores

    I´m speechless…I have been looking for any info regarding the artists who painted the adverts, illustrations, etc. for Willys-Overland. You make my day, Dave! Another time!!! Thanks for your work!!!

  2. keith

    I believe Devlin was a freelance at least to start. I’ve seen his work at Chevrolet and Dodge.
    I used some of the art on Tshirts about 15 years ago and tried to track down his only daughter to get permission and to see if she had any of his original sketches for sale. The trail ran cold when it appeared she no longer lived in the states.

  3. Bill Norris

    These same drawings were used in some of the financial reports. I want to say 1947. He was credited as being part of the Willys-Overland Engineering Art Dept. There were other drawings that I don’t remember off of the top of my head, but I do recall one of the engine machining and the body presses.


  4. glennstin

    This great booklet, of which I also have a copy, was a handout given at the end of factory tours at The Overland. Usual recipients I’ve heard of were new or prospective dealers to get the Willys story out into the sales market quickly. Remember, the Willys Dealership numbers were rapidly expanding during these Post War years. Love those pencil illustrations, in this one and many others. Frequently Willys News issues had them especially around Christmas.

  5. John North Willys

    my dear father lived south of TOLEDO in the late 30’s — he was destined to work at W-O , till the war called him — he enlisted in the NAVY and the rest is HISTORY !! — PEARL HARBOR , MIDWAY , BATTLE OF THE SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS , he was on board the USS HORNET when it was sunk — on and on !!! — a true HERO !! ( mom was no slouch , she was a navy wave in ww2 , worked with GENERAL ELECRTIC on the MANHATTAN PROJECT , THE A-BOMB ) .. ( 2 ) HEROS FOR THE PRICE OF ( 1 ) ? —> SI ~

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