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1965 CJ-5 Tuxedo Park IV Myrtle Beach, SC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.  It sold for $23,800.

Mike shared this nice looking Tux Park.

“If this was a 24k mile “1965 any car you can imagine”  , it would be rare, Now considering that it is a rare 1965  Tuxedo park, its even more rare !!! Selling a super rare , 24k original documented mile, rust free, fully restored classic that is perfect for driving or investment purposes.    The story of how Jeep debuted the Tuxedo Park model to lure a higher end customer into buying a Jeep product makes for a great story to tell, There is no better way to tell that story than to have one of these fully restored examples right in front of you, ”

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14 Comments on “1965 CJ-5 Tuxedo Park IV Myrtle Beach, SC **SOLD**

  1. aaron walker

    NICE – except the TIJUANA TOP ? — boy that looks bad – i see a warn overdrive underneath ? but no stickshift ? — also , it has a 1967 gear shift lever — only in 1967 did JEEP use that curved at the end CJ gear shift lever – my 67 CJ-6 has one — might have switched around – or this MKIV could be a 1967 ?

  2. Barney Goodwin

    It is a nice looking ride. I had a red 65 a lifetime ago. 4 cyl. Full Whitco top and 3 on the tree which I swapped out due to constant jamming. I notice this no longer has the 3/tree. But something sticks in my mind that the V6 model didn’t have that (?). We have several NOS sets of those turbine beauty rings in stock.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Mine was 4WD also. In 50 years of the business I cannot remember ever seeing a 2WD model of this.

    I also like the white tuck n roll. Mine was black.

  4. Terry

    Trim-rings are right, hub caps are wrong (blue and orange is later AMC ) top is all wrong , and tail lights are wrong . For $23 grand, everything should be correct .

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I’m shocked that it sold for so much… It’s a nice clean jeep, but as the comments underscore, it isn’t all restored.

    Vernon: I didn’t know about the ’67 shift lever style.

    Barney: Based on what I’ve read, the Tux Park IV V6s were all floor shift 3 speeds; Kaiser-Jeep didn’t provide an option for a 4 speed for the Tux Park IV, but the 4-speed was an option for CJ-5s with Hurricane engines.

  6. Barney Goodwwin

    Good comments above. Original correct tail lights would be chrome also and very hard to find. Probably have to buy an NOS regular set (which we have) and have them chromed. Shifter was probably swapped . Don’t know about the Tux, but T18 4 sp was an option for the V6 also through 71. Terry’s right, hubcaps should be the red and orange matching the V6 badge and Kaiser Jeep. I see now after reading the listing the seats are tan not white. We can pick this to death correctly, but it is a very nice restomod for someone in FL to drive between trailer parks. And considering the price of Side-by-sides today, this price is not unreasonable for what you get. But what remains is what you could have for the same money.

  7. tuxedo park was in new york

    tuxedo parks with v-6’s always had floor shifts — cj-5s with v-6’s had the t-18 option in 1970 , 1971 — and this makes me sad , cj-6’s with v-6s never had the t-18 option — not enough made to warrant making all the different length driveshafts , etc .. i have a t-98 i rebuilt completely for my 67 cj-6 , v-6 – i have all the original cast iron adapters – will have to have custom driveshafts made — still looking for the 70 , 71 cj-5 v-6 4sp floor plates — the archer brothers in hayward , cal said they had them , then garner died , art retired —

  8. Barney Goodwin

    Contact Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts. He bought Archer inventory when it closed. Those floor plates were custom made, not stamped. Pre-jigged sheets bent and tacked probably in the customizing building at Jeep. Our 71 (pictured at right in the ads) is set up this way with the T18 installed there to accommodate the Ramsey 8000 PTO winch factory installed also.

  9. Dave T in CT

    I thought 1966 was the first year for the dauntless v-6 engine – – guess my thought is wrong – so 1965 was the 1st year for the dauntless ?

  10. Barney Goodwin

    Good eyes Dave T. All info I;ve seen point to 66 as the first year. Dealers have told me that at the end of the year sometimes they’d get a new MCO for the next year, but that doesn’t work going the other way. May be a bill of sale / title issue. And perhaps some on here can place the 15083 serial number. Again, It would gain a lot of points among restomods, but loose a lot of points at the details.

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