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1966 Jeep Accessories and Spec Equip Booklet on eBay

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The buy-it-now price is $8.99 for this 10-page Jeep Accessories and Special Equipment Booklet. One item I didn’t know was Jeep approved were the longitudinal rear seats seen on page 4.

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“Up for grabs is this vintage booklet for your JEEP. This booklet shows so many fun accessories and special equipment you were able to add to your Jeep. The booklet shows normal wear plus the staples are rusty so they stained the center fold of the booklet.”

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1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet4 1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet6 1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet7


6 Comments on “1966 Jeep Accessories and Spec Equip Booklet on eBay

  1. Barry

    This has a new home. I would really like to find the referenced “‘Jeep’ dealer’s Special Equipment Manual” since this is only a partial list. But clear evidence that Kaiser wasn’t pushing the Stratton hydraulic lift.

  2. Michael from Dayton

    Hi Dave—not sure if you ever covered this, so if you did please excuse the inquiry. What is the date origins of the circular “Jeep” logo? Is it a Kaiser Willys creation or what?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Barry, I thought about you when I saw this, but then forgot to mention it (we just had our pups fixed yesterday, so things have been busy). I’ll keep a watch out for other special equipment books from that time period.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: That’s a good question. I haven’t covered it. I did some searching and it appears it arrived with the introduction of the Gladiator and Wagoneer in 1962. Willys Overland and Willys Motors tried out emblems over the years, but the 1962 emblem seemed to stick around longer. I was unable to learn whose idea it was or if there was any meaning behind the color choice. Perhaps someone else knows.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Agreed. I’ve seen what could be these type of seats in the back of a few tour-related 1/4 ton jeeps. I always wondered who made them.

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