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2 CJ-2As Manchester, KY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1750.

(08/20/2020) “I have two…not one but two Willis jeeps for sale…I want 1800.00 for both of them… u get two jeeps for 1750.00 I have titles in my jeep is a 1946..first year public was offered a Willis jeep….the other is a 1948.. I have never heard them run…and have never tried to start them…they do have rust…holes….in frames…u could fix them though… u can buy any part u need for these old willys… one is pretty solid as u can see in pics..the other is rougher but still useable…the factory power take off pto is hanging out the back..just like it came… Both should fit on a trailer at same time…. I will not sell parts off these jeeps…unless u want to,pay asking price of jeep for the parts..”

2-cj2as-manchester-ky1 2-cj2as-manchester-ky2 2-cj2as-manchester-ky3 2-cj2as-manchester-ky4

Photos from the last time they were posted:


1946-1948-cj2as-ky0 1946-1948-cj2as-ky1 1946-1948-cj2as-ky2 1946-1948-cj2as-ky3 1946-1948-cj2as-ky4


3 Comments on “2 CJ-2As Manchester, KY **SOLD**

  1. Lew

    I’ll bite. What is sticking out of the rear of the red one, the thing that looks sort of like a rear PTO? No apparent gearbox. Nothing under the hood. ????

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