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Year? CJ-2A/DJ-3A? Fayetteville, AR $10,000


Joe in Mesa spotted this ad. The body looks to be from a DJ-3A convertible. I can’t tell what the chassis is, but odds are it’s a CJ-2A.

“This 1945 Willys CJ-2A is an original. The owner has had it for 5+ years. The vehicle runs great.”

1945-dj3a-cj2a-fayetteville-ar1 1945-dj3a-cj2a-fayetteville-ar2 1945-dj3a-cj2a-fayetteville-ar3 1945-dj3a-cj2a-fayetteville-ar4


One comment on “Year? CJ-2A/DJ-3A? Fayetteville, AR $10,000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This jeep with the great patina has a lot of interesting features… from the VEC square windscreen washers to that odd folding drivers seat: I’d like to know what vehicle it came from.
    Not being completely VEC (more of a mixed jeep) the price seems ambitious to me.

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