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Year? Jeepney Philippines $80,000 (Scam?)

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UPDATE: Okay, it was listed in Alabama, but after some more research (thanks to Galen’s message) it is clear this should be listed in the Philippines. It may be a scam (with the scam the high price), but I can’t tell for sure …

I assume the seller is kidding when he writes “high performance machine”? I imagine the price is a placeholder?

“Looking for a buyer good condition Jeep, high performance machine. Urgent reason for starting business only”

jeepney-bus-alabama3 jeepney-bus-alabama4 jeepney-bus-alabama5 jeepney-bus-alabama6


5 Comments on “Year? Jeepney Philippines $80,000 (Scam?)

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the comment Galen. After more research, it appears the seller is in the Philippines.

  2. Collin

    Talking about this with some Filipino people I know, they say if that’s in pesos(Filipino currency) it would only be a couple thousand Canadian.

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