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DJ-3A Tops Bows and Clips Black Canyon City, AZ

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UPDATE: Still Available.

The top bows are $700 a set. A price for the top clips were not included. Both the both bows and the clips are for the DJ-3A convertible model (solid back and CJ-3B-like windshield with twist-knobs across the top). The seller only has a few sets made. He notes that he isn’t making any money on them and has been more than willing to share information on the insights he gains trying to make his top.

The soft top is something custom the seller had made by an upholsterer. It took him some work to redesign and properly fit the top so that it would fold up and connect to the windshield properly, yet also fold down and attach to the body.

Here is pic of the reproduction bows vs. the original black bows:


Here’s a pic of the soft top:dj3a-softop-recreation1 dj3a-softop-recreation2


9 Comments on “DJ-3A Tops Bows and Clips Black Canyon City, AZ

  1. Charles Tate

    Maybe not necessary but when the full ad disappears the seller notes “Repro bows do not include the tack strip that may be required to attach fabric top”.

    Close inspection of original top bows which he used to make the pattern and which I also have a complete set of will reveal a curved channel along the top of the back bow with a wood insert used for tacking the top securely to it that is mentioned in the dj3a convertible parts list. That same rear bow with the wood insert also will have a total of 5 turn fasteners that turn down on the underside of the bow. Those I suspect but can’t prove might have been used to help secure the top boot, also mentioned in the parts list, to help protect the top from the weather when that it is folded down.

    IF that I didn’t already have a set of dj3a convertible top folding top bows (along with a set of original door frames) I would absolutely purchase his extra set even though they seem expensive. They’re way more complicated than they first might be seem to be and it appears to me that he did a excellent job of having those reproduced.

    Disclaimer. I do not know this gentleman personally and even though I inquired it would be impossible to have his upholsterer make me a reproduction top like this without having my complete DJ there so that he could adjust measurements as needed. I know this to be true because I did ask.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dean,

    The seller was only selling the bows, not the top. He was not manufacturing the top.

    Also, the Craigslist ad expired and that was the only contact information we had. We’ll have to wait for the seller to put up a new ad on Craigslist.

    – Dave

  3. Just Me

    He sold the set. He will not be making any more. He made them because he didn’t have originals for the restoration project. When he found a set of originals, the repops became for sale.

  4. Dale Campbell

    I have a set of original bows that were used to reproduce the reproduction bows. I have a friend who was in need of a set so I had 2s set reproduced. One set remains for sale
    I can be reached at or 602-448-1367

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