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1952 Ramsey Winch Kit Brochure

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This four-page Ramsey Winch Kit brochure is labeled Bulletin 105.

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4 Comments on “1952 Ramsey Winch Kit Brochure

  1. Dave from Mn

    Any of your literature have more info on the 4 pole lifting frame? I think I have a never used set.

  2. Ted Jordan

    I’ve got a lot of this type literature and none of it really shows good pics of the pole setup. I’ve also had a few of the rear winch cradle setups and have never had one that still had the poles, or boom setup. Would love to see some pics Dave , if you’ve actually got the real deal

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Dave, I am going through and organizing my literature right now. I’ll keep an eye for a good exactly, but I can’t recollect seeing a brochure for that. I’d suggest emailing Ted, as he should be able to help answer your question.

    – Dave

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