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No Updates Monday

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I spent all of Sunday packing up the office, so no Monday updates. I’m behind on comment responses, so bear with me.

Before packing up the jeep ‘toys’ yesterday, I took this photo. It’s not all the toys, but it is most of them. I never set out to collect toys, as I didn’t have the room. Still, somehow, I ended up with these. It’s probably good that I restrained myself; less toys to pack!



4 Comments on “No Updates Monday

  1. John

    Thats a nice start! You do have some real nice stuff. I love the old toys myself. Been collecting Jeep and Willys stuff for several years. Older toys in general really but I gravitate to Jeep. I’ve run out of places to put them but keep buying when I see stuff!

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That was of my problems, limited room. With the new shop, it seems I will have a little more room. 🙂

    – Dave

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