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Photo of Pouliot’s Dealership w/ Jeeps

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Mike shared this photo that was floating around Facebook. It’s possible that this was a Minnesota dealership, as a few research nibbles seemed to send me there, but I couldn’t confirm anything. I imagine this was taken between 1963-1965, given he models shown.

The photo seems to have been first posted on Facebook here.



3 Comments on “Photo of Pouliot’s Dealership w/ Jeeps

  1. Frank Frain

    Hi David. Good luck with your moving and your new home. Today’s ewillys has a picture of Pouliot’s Jeep Service. I knew George Pouliot and often went to him for Jeep repair advise when I was a teen. Pouliot’s Jeep Service was on Bedford St. in Fall River Ma. George was a standout in that city for his automotive knowledge.

  2. Nathan Pouliot

    This was my Grandfather’s garage. Top Notch Mechanic! The Best! Glad I found this picture! He went on to be a Auto Mechanic instructor at Diman Regional Vocational Technical HIgh School. In Fall River Mass.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I always enjoy learning more about the people behind these photos!

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