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1942 GPW Fort Mohave, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: Reports are the this sold. It was listed at $20,000.

Based on the front bumper’s holes, I think this is a GPW.

“Totally restored with 50 caliber machine gun – for sale $20K or trade.”

1942-gpw-fortmohave-az1 1942-gpw-fortmohave-az2 1942-gpw-fortmohave-az3


4 Comments on “1942 GPW Fort Mohave, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Joe Curtis

    Either the .50 cal is fake or it’s not part of the sale. The gun alone is worth at least $125K if it’s real.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I agree this appears to be GPW: the headlight brackets are bolted up under the top of the grill and appear to be Ford.
    I reached out to the sellers, encouraging them to bring this to our Parker AZ military vehicle swap meet and display 19-21 March. Parker is just down the 95 from Mohave. She replied and noted that this IS still for sale.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, I noticed this jeep has come up a few times in different eWillys posts, the most recent being “1942 MB? Fort Mohave, AZ $17,820”: same pics on that Facebook listing but a better price. In getting ready for our big Parker AZ Military Vehicle Display and Swap Meet (hoping this seller will attend), I entered “Mohave” in your search field and also found this on May 25th, “1942 MB? Fort Mohave, AZ $22,000”: no pics at that time but it noted “sim operated 50. Cal. Machine gun”… so the 50 Cal is fake as Joe Curtis observed… or demilitarized/modified. Interestingly back in April 13, 2019, your post “1942 MB? Mohave County, NV $20,000” showed this with the trailer.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Joe,

    Clearly you are paying more attention than I am! I’ll have to go back through and clean these up…. I figured the gun wasn’t real, but surprised the seller suggested it was. I thought it best to ask some experts out there before I assumed one way or another.

    – Dave

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