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Fond David Bradley Trailer Memories

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David Bradley trailers are often an after thought among trailers, but for a woman named Diane, her family’s trailer continues to provide warm memories of Colorado camping with her parents and siblings. You can reader her brief story at the end of a forum thread that Maury started years ago about David Bradley trailers on the ECJ5 site.



2 Comments on “Fond David Bradley Trailer Memories

  1. Craig/Vermont

    I picked up one of these recently, made by David Bradley for Sears …It’s tag is ‘Sears, Roebuck and Company. USA’…’Model Number 231,246 NO. 3776’…It has the same ‘Roadster Fenders’ and based on the serial #, I believe it’s likely a 1948…Any other info would be welcome, Thanks.

  2. John North Willys

    what trailer ? look at that late model willys ohc tornado wagon !! i love colorado , so fresh and green , aspens , coors , telluride — HERE I COME !!

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