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June 1944 Article About the Jeep Name Investigation

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This article discusses the ongoing investigation into the jeep name business. Minnesota had a particular interest in this issue, due to Minneapolis-Moline’s development of a vehicle that was called a jeep prior to the completion of the Bantam BRC in late September of 1940. Unlike Willys-Overland, Minneapolis-Moline had no interest in owning the name; instead, they felt the name jeep belonged to the government.

This first article is from the August 21, 1940, issue of the Minneapolis Star and identifies the new Minneapolis-Moline tractor as a “jeep”:


The second article, dated June 05, 1944, goes into Minneapolis-Moline’s views on the jeep name:



3 Comments on “June 1944 Article About the Jeep Name Investigation

  1. Stephen Lee Adams

    Well, Dave, you are amazing. Not just for e-willys, but your absolutely astute side which is the scholar. Your book, Slag, is just an amazing read, and your willingness (addiction?) to inform all of us with the history of Willys and Jeep astounds me. We have a lot of debt owed to you, kind Sir. And now it looks as if you will have a new home with loads of space for all your current and hopefully future endeavors. Keep up the GREAT WORK, and know too we see your dear Wife’s influence in the help your sidekick provides. God bless you both and thanks a bunch. S.

  2. John North Willys

    my neighbor has a minneapolis moline jeep abandoned on his land – timken axles , real wild ..

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Stephen! … Addiction might be most accurate, lol. I’ve got issues 🙂

    Vernon: I don’t know how many of these are around (guess I need to research that). That MM jeep might be of interest to someone.

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