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1962? Mobile Motion Picture Unit Instruction Book

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This booklet started out last year on ebay with a price of $279. A lack of interest caused the price to plummet until it fell into my hands. This rare mobile motion picture unit sports a Tornado engine, which places the copyright date of the instruction booklet at 1962 or 1963.

Unfortunately, attempts to research this unit further using Google result in a bunch of results related to the “First Motion Picture Unit” during World War II or the associated government archives, which while interesting, isn’t helpful to our present query.

The booklet runs about 25 pages and is mostly focused on the operation of the generator. There aren’t enough photos for me to determine whether this is a modified 4WD sedan delivery wagon or a Traveller. Most of the pics have number references; the numbers are referenced to specific parts in the back of the book.

1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-01-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-02-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-03-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-04-lores

1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-05-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-06-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-07-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-08-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-09-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-10-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-11-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-12-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-13-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-14-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-15-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-16-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-17-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-18-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-19-20-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-21-22-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-23-24-lores 1962-mobile-motion-picture-instructions-unit-wagon-instructions-25-lores


4 Comments on “1962? Mobile Motion Picture Unit Instruction Book

  1. rdjeep

    Looks like they were trying to cover the world market offering both 50 & 60 cycle arrangements. Neat piece of literature!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    RD: I thought it was pretty neat, too.

    Jose: I haven’t documented one of these for sale (that I can remember), but then I haven’t been looking for one either. It would be easy to mistake this for a Traveller, which is how I would have identified it until running across this booklet. I tried to use the contract number to search for the contract, as I’d be interested to know how many of these were built, but no luck.

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