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The Jeepster Beach

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Bill shared this announcement: Jeep has Resto-modded a Commando for Easter Jeep Safari. Jeep calls it the Jeepster Beach. According to Hemmings, it is basically a Jeepster body on a Rubicon chassis. As much as I am a believer in safety, I don’t think the roll bar works. It looks like an after thought to me. Still, it looks like a fun ride.



5 Comments on “The Jeepster Beach

  1. SteveK

    I agree, the roll bar design does not compliment the design, and the loss of a back seat takes it away from the “Jeepster” usage, not to mention being 4WD. I would have like to seen a CJ5 style grill and hood fit into the rest of it. Maybe next time?

  2. Mike

    Wow, I like it, sharp looking re-do of an old favorite. me being the vintage guy I am, not usually in favor of upgrades to vintage vehicles. Having said that, I am impressed with the thought process that went into building this Jeepster without loosing it’s original styling cues, very much like Kaiser did when they introduced the 1967 Jeepster. The fact that they put a turbo 4 cylinder, instead of a Hemi V/8 under the hood, shows that they wanted to maintain the original appeal of the Jeepster.
    Yes, the roll bar detracts from the Jeepster’s overall appearance, I think it is required by federal law to be so equipped as a NEW vehicle.

  3. Mark j

    My 72 commando was originally that color. was bigger of course and had a 304 v8 with a turbo 350 automatic. No roll bar. Miss that jeep. went places with that I had no business being. lol. That new one looks awesome though. I know its just a proto type but what does the roof look like ?

  4. neal jung

    my 70 jeepster commando has something roosting in it at night , streaks of guano on the dashboard — i just looked at a video on youtube , its the worst jeep accident i have ever seen — of course its on the black bear jeep road in colorado — this poor sap was driving down towards telluride when a red jeep wrangler come flying down the mountainside — horrific wreck , a woman was seriously hurt in it — i’ll never turn my hubs in again …

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Vernon: I too have seen that video. It’s a bad one. My dad’s was bad (rolled down a hill in his CJ-5), but thankfully wasn’t hurt too badly (it was 1975 and he’d just installed a roll cage that saved his life; cracked the cage in multiple places).

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