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Hand-Built Command Car Columbus, OH $300

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UPDATE: In the comments section you’ll see a reference to another, similar Command Car on eBay. Yet, there are differences between the two. I’m not sure what’s going on with these.

Roger Martin spotted this hand built Command Car model. It is 15″ long, so it’s a good size. I told Roger that I’d buy it, but it’s not a good use of my budget.

“Hand made Military Jeep by a WWII Veteran who served in North Africa. All metal Modeled after the Jeep he drove . One of a kind . Built meticulously no details left off. Great for Military collectors 15” L 7” h. 51/2 “ w .”

command-car-2 command-car-3 command-car-4 command-car-5


5 Comments on “Hand-Built Command Car Columbus, OH $300

  1. Galen Horton

    I’d be VERY WARY of that. I’ve seen similar items in Hobby Lobby for about $30, & the wheels look very much like the wheels on similar truck items they sale. I’d bet folding money that was made in Indonesia or South Asia.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Galen, I agree that stuff like this must be approached carefully. And, I’m glad you guys are keeping an eye on these things, as my time bandwidth will be limited for a while.

    Michael, great link find!

    These two Command Cars differ in enough ways that it leaves me puzzled. It’s as if one was built using the other as a guide. The one above looks more homemade to me than the one at Michael’s link.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Yep, Asian metal model. Enter 323912755722 in your ebay search box and one just like it will come up for around $60.

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