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Ten-Passenger Personnel Carrier

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On eBay the other day there were these two different technical sheets from Willys of Canada Limited. The truck spec seems pretty straight forward, though the company labeled it a 126″ Jeep Truck (named for the wheelbase length … why wasn’t it the standard 118″ wheelbase?). But, the wagon had me scratching my head. Given the split windshield of wagon (I can’t tell if the truck has it), my instant thought was that these were both pre-1960 vehicles, especially given they both used the Superhurricane L-head.

As we learned yesterday, Canada didn’t have it’s own production plant until mid-1959, so if these personnel carriers are earlier than that, then they must have been made in the US and imported into Canada. The lack of the ‘hockey stick’ trim suggests they were earlier than the Traveller. Are they a precursor to the Traveller or were they concurrent to the Traveller? If the latter, why the split windshield and why wouldn’t they have been named ‘Traveller’?

Meanwhile, searches for any reference to the 126″ Jeep Truck or the Ten-Passenger Personnel Carrier haven’t yielded any newspaper ads or brochures.

Here is the Ten-Passenger Personnel Carrier spect sheet:
year-ten-passenger-personnel-wagon-canada1-lores year-ten-passenger-personnel-wagon-canada2-lores

Here is the 126″ Jeep Truck spec sheet. Was it a coincidence that the J-300 truck introduced in 1962 was also had a 126″ wheel base?

Over the years I’ve heard about two Willys truck bed sizes, a shorter one and a longer one, but all the info I’ve read indicated the Willys Jeep truck beds were all the same size. If a bed was made to fit this longer wheelbase, it may have meant the creation of a longer bed. This might explain the rumor of the longer beds?



5 Comments on “Ten-Passenger Personnel Carrier

  1. Dan B.

    That looks like another prototype of the Traveller. Bill Norris (I think) recently posted a 1959 factory Traveller prototype picture over on

    Here are a few differences for starters:
    1. Obviously the seating arrangement (the production Traveller dropped the traditional rear seat for bigger side jump seats)
    2. Diamond plate rear step below the bumper.
    3. This side windows of the “10 Passenger Personnel Carrier” are bigger and it lacks the vertical reinforcements (wood) with the three distinctive screws that the Traveller and Parkway Conversion had.
    4. The rear diamond plate step nestled in the bumper appears to be a half-moon shape on the Personnel Carrier. The step on the Traveller was bigger and more of a flying wing.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for that helpful analysis Dan. I haven’t seen the Traveller prototype photo yet. I’ll have to look for it.

  3. vernon

    the jeep gladiators had several sizes of pickup beds and wheelbases , never seen a willys truck with anything but the 118 ” wheelbase – the 63 on gladiators also had 2 sizes of stakebeds i think ..

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