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No Updates Saturday


Next updates will be Sunday.

I got a ton of drudgery completed on the house on Friday (hence the reason for no updates today), from washing the porch, the garage, and the exterior lights, to cleaning the front vinyl fence and completing the trim painting. Whew.

As for the new house, the loan has been approved and we should be signing next week.

We certainly couldn’t ask for a better market for selling: super low interest rates and a super low inventory of houses. We expect that once it is on the market that the house will sell within a few days. This is just a crazy real estate market right now.

I should be an interesting few weeks!


5 Comments on “No Updates Saturday

  1. Keith

    Dave, please email me so I know you are getting my messages.
    I have one quick question for you.

  2. Matt

    If you need a hand for a day or two, let me know. I’ve be glad to come help out a “neighbor” (I’m in Olympia).

  3. RINGO

    it is a sellers market — i’m selling down in MORDOR — beautiful historic stickbuilt house — i wish i could transport it up here — but — all things must pass , said george harrison , noted willys overland collector — ya ya ya …

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Matt, I greatly appreciate the offer. Normally, I’d jump at your offer. However, because of my Mother-in-Law’s COPD respiratory issues, we have to be careful with having extra people around (not just the COV-virus, but really anything … so, I’ll be wearing a mask for the foreseeable future in public until she passes). According to her, we almost lost her two nights ago when she had a breathing episode while we were asleep and she couldn’t get to her bell (loud bell to wake us) or her inhaler; I’m not sure how she survived, but it sure rattled her. The reality is that she’s one breathing episode away from dying, so every morning is a life check.

    Thankfully, we aren’t in a hurry to sell the old house, so there’s no time crunch to move stuff. Now, I might need some help in Renton, so that’s a possibility. There are a few really heavy items I’ll need some help moving at some point. I’ll let you know if I do.

    – Dave

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