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Western’s 1947 Aluminum/Steel Kid’s Pedal Jeeps

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UPDATE: The University of Washington’s Digital Collections includes the below photo with a more accurate date (1947) and description. According to the UW Library, pictured in the top photo is Joe Woolfe and his grandson


Previously Posted February 11, 2019: These images were posted on Facebook and the toy jeeps attributed to Boeing. However, as a commenter pointed out below, these were actually produced by Western Toy Company in 1959. Here are some other examples.

(02/11/2019) These jeeps are pictured in front of the old Seattle Art Museum (we did field trips there in high school) which is inside Volunteer Park in Seattle, Washington.




3 Comments on “Western’s 1947 Aluminum/Steel Kid’s Pedal Jeeps

  1. Colin Peabody

    These Jeeps look very similar to the Triang and Anchor pedal Jeeps. What is the insignia above the grill slats? I can’t zoom in enough to tell what it is.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Pedl Car Lady,

    Thanks for that info. A quick search seems to verify that, which means my other source of information was inaccurate. Thanks so much!

    – Dave

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