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The Jeepster at the I-95 Welcome Center

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In 2018 when driving south from Philadelphia to Delaware, a reader recommended we stop at the northbound welcome center along I-95. Unfortunately, as we were driving south, we got a little confused, then we realized that to turn around was going to take more time than we’d allotted. So, we never got to see what was at the Welcome Center.

Yesterday, someone posted a picture of a Jeepster that sits inside the Welcome Center, so now we know what we missed! We’ll definitely stop on our next trip, should we head north on I-95.


4 Comments on “The Jeepster at the I-95 Welcome Center

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, maybe someday you can use I-95 to get to the Notheast Extension of the Pennsyvania Turnpike and the Great Willys Picnic jeep show in Kempton, PA.

  2. rdjeep

    That was lil’ ole me that suggested you stop there. Didn’t want to spoil the surprise. 2018? Time does fly, doesn’t it??

    The background to this was… We frequent the area traversing to the Chesapeake in the summer. That rest stop was actually pretty good looking when the State decided to rejuvenate it. I thought how typical, and what a great waste of money. There surely is a real basket case rest stop that needs it more somewhere. After the work was completed, and we stopped coming north, TO MY TOTAL SHOCK, I had to retract my words when I saw the focal point of the new rotunda!! Yummy!! Not how that got through State bureaucracy, but glad it did.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    RDJeep … it could very well have been you. I’ve lost many older emails, so I couldn’t verify who it was (or maybe you suggested it in the comments). We’ll just save it for next time! 🙂

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