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Photos From the Museum of American Armor

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Nick visited the Museum of American Armor in Old Bethpage State Park, Long Island, New York, and took these photos for us.

Here’s a video from the Museum’s website:

Nick wrote, “Right when you walk in and scattered throughout with the heavy artillery are a number of well preserver/restored jeeps. The second vehicle you see when entering is a nice GPW. Then, there are blue and yellow newer-looking jeeps (looked like a 3a and an m38a1), which they drive and use around the park. The museum has a very nice OD m38a1 and an M-718 ambulance jeep. They also have an M-274 Mule, a Mighty mite, and an MB.

They have several volunteers that restore the vehicles and many are driven around. And, if you want to take a ride in a tank in an old battlefield setting, I believe you can for a reasonable donation (think it’s like $125).

Here’s a GPW:


This M-38A1 looks well restored:


This CJ-3A? may have an aftermarket hood. It looks like there’s possibly a “Follow Me” M-38A1 behind the blue jeep:


This appears to be an MB:


And another MB amongst a Commando car on the left and an M-151 on the right:




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