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Mid-1960s Model CJ-5 Plastic Jeep

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UPDATE: This looks to have been an MPC model, as MPC created a variety of jeep-related models. One particular kit by MPC allowed for the creation of three different kinds of jeep: ! Hill Climbing Dune Buggy Jeep, A Stock Jeep, or a Service Station Jeep. Here’s an example of that model on eBay.

Here’s a better example of the service station CJ-5 model from Barney Goodwin:


And here is a 16 minute video on the history of the AMT model company (and explains how MPC formed). I found it interesting (no mention of jeeps):

Here’s another CJ-5 Service Station model that is labeled an MPC:


This model sold on eBay yesterday for $25. What I found interesting was the level of detail, from the Dauntless engine mounts, to the Canfield Push-Plate on the front, to the Meyer half-cab details.

model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-0 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-1 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-2 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-3

model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-4 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-5


17 Comments on “Mid-1960s Model CJ-5 Plastic Jeep

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Pretty cool, esp. the detail… but that left front wheel was clearly not attached in alignment with the front axle. Wonder if was glued in that wrong location, or is just placed that way for the pics. Even the passenger front wheel seems to be offset a bit behind the correct front axle position: odd.

  2. Mike

    THESE WERE AMT 1/25 scale model kits, have a few of them myself. Over the years, they were re-introduced with added features, snow plow, Meyer hard tops, soft topes, etc. The one weak point in these kits were the wheel mounting points, make of thin pin point plastic, they always broke of, even in fist time assembly. AMT also made Jeepster Commando models. There is a nice video history of AMT 1/25 scale models on utube.

  3. Blaine

    The front wheel had broken off on mine also when I was 12 or so shortly after assembling it. I still have it displayed in my small China cabinet (I mean toy cabinet) in the living room.

  4. Bill Norris

    AMT Models were in Troy, MI. I used to pass by their facility on my way to grade school. Our neighbor two doors down worked in their office. She’d give a model kit every once in awhile. Unfortunately, they were mostly hot rods and not Jeeps.


  5. David Eilers Post author

    I would have taken the hotrods! That’s what I mostly built as a kid.

  6. Mike

    I’m re-visiting this post because of my recent one in a million find of a Amt promo model 1/25 scale of a Divco Milk truck. Made me think back to my childhood, and I seem to remember that AMT, or MPC made 1/25 scale model of the FJ3A Jeep postal van. Can anyone confirm this? I’ve searched AMT & MPC model lists with no results, I’m sure it was in production, I can visualize the box picture, a hopped up fleetvan, as though ready to jump off the box.

  7. sean hannitys cognitive decline

    those toys have all the goods , steps , odd-fire v-6 , meyer 1/2 cab , thats all you need …

  8. Mike

    Blaine, Now that’s one I’ve never seen, jut looking at the listing, outside detail looks accurate. Thanks

  9. Blaine

    You are welcome Mike. I forgot to mention that I still have a Mini-Lindy FJ3 in a cream color that I got when they were new.

  10. Mike

    Blaine, The fact that you still have that FJ3, cool, I still have many of my AMT models from childhood. When I was a kid, building these models kept me busy and most of all, helped in my knowledge of cars when as an adult, worked on full size real cars. Now that I am really older, (72) and un able to do what I did when younger, I find myself going back to model building. Satisfies the need to work on cars.

  11. JohnB

    The 1/25 CJ-5 was an MPC kit first issued in 1968.
    Since then, it has come out in several versions including a M38A1 with trailer.

    It was never a AMT kit until circa 2001 when the reformed AMT got the old MPC molds. (The model kit industry has had several tajeovers, sell offs, and mergers).

    Here is a model history site. Look at the bottom and you can see how and when it was reissued.–264257

    Also in the ’60s, MPC did a MB marked as the “Hogan’s Hero’s Jeep”.

  12. John B

    Dave, you’re welcome.

    I do seem to recall a service station Jeep like the one seen in the original post.
    But looking at the model kit history site, I can’t find it.
    So it’s either included with one of the kits on the site, but just not illustrated in the box top (On many old models, alternate versions are illustrated in the side panels).
    Of course, maybe the kit with the service station parts isn’t on the history site…I know from looking for other kits, the site has some omissions.

    Here is the history of the MPC MB/GPW kit, showing its many releases.
    My local hobby store has the latest “Godzilla” version. Now that I know that it is the old kit, I might buy one.–158940THE

    Also of interest is the Monogram 1/24 CJ-7.

    A new company now owns the old Monogram snap together 1/32 scale CJ-7 molds, I expect it to be re-released soon.

    And there is/was a 1/20 CJ out there from old Japanese molds, and a large 1/16 CJ-7 as well.

    All told, there really aren’t that many models of military Jeeps out there. There are no kits of M38A1s currently available other than a couple of expensive (for their size) 1/35 (the standard scale for “armour” and military vehicle kits) imported kits. The old MPC kit that claims to be a Korean War Jeep with trailer is likely actually their CJ-5 in a different box and new decals. And despite their external similarity, there are a lot of differences between a CJ-5 and M38A1.

  13. Mike

    John B, glad you pointed this out, I ran into the same problem, thought I had missed something, No service Station Jeep with the plow as pictured. Having been a big fan of these kits, even back in the 60’s, I don’t know how I missed it back then. I have a Convertible (soft style top) CJ5 model from that era, strange thing is, it has the Meyer style hard top doors and plow. How did I get the hard top doors without the hard top? TO the best of my memory, the doors were included with the soft style top. I still want to get my hands on service station jeep.

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