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Mid-1960s Model CJ-5 Plastic Jeep

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UPDATE: This looks to have been an MPC model, as MPC created a variety of jeep-related models. One particular kit by MPC allowed for the creation of three different kinds of jeep: ! Hill Climbing Dune Buggy Jeep, A Stock Jeep, or a Service Station Jeep. Here’s an example of that model on eBay.

Here’s a better example of the service station CJ-5 model from Barney Goodwin:


And here is a 16 minute video on the history of the AMT model company (and explains how MPC formed). I found it interesting (no mention of jeeps):

Here’s another CJ-5 Service Station model that is labeled an MPC:


This model sold on eBay yesterday for $25. What I found interesting was the level of detail, from the Dauntless engine mounts, to the Canfield Push-Plate on the front, to the Meyer half-cab details.

model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-0 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-1 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-2 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-3

model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-4 model-yellow-tow-jeep-push-bumper-cj5-5


6 Comments on “Mid-1960s Model CJ-5 Plastic Jeep

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Pretty cool, esp. the detail… but that left front wheel was clearly not attached in alignment with the front axle. Wonder if was glued in that wrong location, or is just placed that way for the pics. Even the passenger front wheel seems to be offset a bit behind the correct front axle position: odd.

  2. Mike

    THESE WERE AMT 1/25 scale model kits, have a few of them myself. Over the years, they were re-introduced with added features, snow plow, Meyer hard tops, soft topes, etc. The one weak point in these kits were the wheel mounting points, make of thin pin point plastic, they always broke of, even in fist time assembly. AMT also made Jeepster Commando models. There is a nice video history of AMT 1/25 scale models on utube.

  3. Blaine

    The front wheel had broken off on mine also when I was 12 or so shortly after assembling it. I still have it displayed in my small China cabinet (I mean toy cabinet) in the living room.

  4. Bill Norris

    AMT Models were in Troy, MI. I used to pass by their facility on my way to grade school. Our neighbor two doors down worked in their office. She’d give a model kit every once in awhile. Unfortunately, they were mostly hot rods and not Jeeps.


  5. David Eilers Post author

    I would have taken the hotrods! That’s what I mostly built as a kid.

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